The Story Our Windows Tell

At the top of the center window is God's creating hand, honoring God the Father.  To the right is the Lamb of God, honoring our blessed Savior; to the left, the dove,m honoring the Holy Spirit.  The Trinity starts with the mustard seed, which is at the center of the tree trunk.  From it His Church has grown through His Word, represented by the open book to the right, and the Sacraments seen in the window to the left of center.


Below the open book, Jesus is preaching from the boat at the Sea of Galilee.  To the right is the scene of Christ's birth, and next to it,m the tables of the law, with the lamp of faith below.  At the far left is the ship of the church, established through the suffering and death of Christ as represented by the lash and the cross.  In the lower part of this window is the earliest Christian symbol, the fish, or "Ichthys."


God, who through His love, brought forth and furthered the church, now commands Christians to share this love with all the world-represented in the far left window by the hill.


We pray that God, Who has established this church as a symbolized in theses windows, will make us always ready and willing to go into all the world and share the Gospel with every people.